Christmas is now upon us and we have everything you need to serve the most delicious, festive family meal. With everything from great tasting traditional turkeys to those little scrummy little additions that are pigs in blankets. From everyone here at Cutler and Bayliss we wish all of our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Our Christmas Offerings

• Wiltshire Bronze Turkey
• English White Turkey
• Cockerel
• Goose
• Boneless Turkey Crown
• Boneless Stuffed Turkey Crown
• *Christmas Special* Three Bird Roasts consisting of Turkey, Duck and Pheasant
All weight dependent, depending on how many servings required.

To Complete the Plate

• Pork Chipolatas
• Streaky Bacon
• Sausage Meat
• Sage and Onion Stuffing
• Chestnut Stuffing
• Apricot Stuffing
• Cranberry Stuffing
• Flavoured Stuffing Balls
• Goose Fat
• Cranberry Sauce
• Variety of Gravy
• Beef and Pork Dripping
Gluten free options are available

Hams and Gammons

• Green Gammon (optional: Boneless)
• Smoked Gammon (optional: Boneless)
• Home Cooked Ham (optional: Boneless)
• Honey Roast Ham (optional: Boneless) with a Mustard, Honey and Sugar Glaze finished with Cloves
All our hams are cooked and glazed in store.

Homemade Pies

• Small Pork Pie
• Large Pork Pie
• Extra Large Pork Pie
• Large Chicken and Ham Pie
• Extra Large Chicken and Ham Pie
• Large Duck and Orange Pie
• Extra large Duck and Orange Pie
• Large Game and Cranberry Pie
• Extra Large Game and Cranberry Pie

Cutler and Bayliss Christmas Packs

Please see below for a selection of variety packs designed for feeding the suitable number of heads that will be around your table this Christmas (leaving enough room for a little leftovers!);

Pack A (Suitable for 4-6 people)
4 ½ kg Turkey
12 Chipolatas
250g Sausagemeat
250g Streaky bacon
Pack of Stuffing


Pack B (Suitable for 6-10 people)
6Kg Turkey
24 Chipolatas
500g Sausagemeat
500g Streaky Bacon
2 Packs of Stuffing


Pack C (Suitable for 6 people)
Turkey crown (2 ¼ kg- 2 ¾ Kg Boneless)
12 Chipolatas
500g Sausagemeat
500g Streaky Bacon



Pop into the shop or give us a call on 01367 252451
Choose a date that suits you for collection and we will have your freshly prepared order ready and waiting for you.


Preheat your oven to 190°C (180°C for fan assisted ovens), 375°F, Gas Mark 5
Coat the Turkey Breast with strips of our Streaky Bacon or with Softened Salted Butter, then cover loosely with aluminium foil.
Cook for 45 minutes per kg, remove from the over and take off the foil. Cook for a further 35 minutes to brown the Turkey and finish the roast.